About Us

Our business has grown from strength to strength, and our range has expanded from the early designs to a wide range of furniture, planters, signage, plastic lumber, decking and fencing options. We also supply 8 x 4 (2.440 x 1.220mm) plastic sheets to replace plywood use in a range of applications. Today we offer an incredibly varied range of products to both trade and public customers throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. We put our continuing success down to the values that were important to us at the very beginning –an excellent customer service combined with friendly and knowledgeable staff to help our valued customers every step of the way.

Second Life Products History

Second Life Products Wales/ Birch Plastics’ background dates back nearly 30 years. As a family business initially involved in the collection of waste plastic, it was vital to help our customers understand the value of the waste plastic they were previously burying and burning, and to understand what amazing products their waste could be manufactured into. We decided to manufacture a small range of furniture pieces from the recycled plastic lumber – SLPW was born!

Why Choose ‘Rubbish’ Products

We all need to care about the environment and the effect our waste has upon it. Plastic is a fantastic product that we all use in our everyday life – but we need to ensure that it doesn’t end up in our seas. Burning and landfilling is not a solution.

In choosing to use recycled plastic products we drive forward the reuse of plastic waste, and we choose a product that will bring us long term maintenance free solutions. Products that don’t need replacing in the future as they can not rot – but if we choose to replace them – they can be fully recycled again!

Our Quality Products

As with traditional timber, there is a wide range of purchase options available to customers. It’s important to remember that not all recycled plastics are created equal! At Second Life Products we are very aware that the raw materials used reflects in the strength and durability of the end product. The recipe has to be right to ensure we offer a high quality 100% recycled product range.

The best thing is - If we choose to replace our products, they can just be recycled again!

Contact Us About Recycled Plastic Furniture

For more information on our journey or our recycled plastic products please get in touch. Our friendly team will be more than happy to help with any questions or queries.

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