EKOedge is a general purpose, value for money edging product

Replace your old rotten wooden edging with our new range of EKOedge plastic wood edging which is rot free.

Our range of EKOedge path edgings are suitable for all landscaping projects to create a long lasting divider between two landscaped areas or surfaces. Our EKOedge product is ideal for installation around the perimeter of all types of pathways, garden edging, ponds or driveways.


EKOedge Landscape Edging

The solution for sustainable pond edging that’s virtually invisible. For a beautiful edging to your pond, it is vital that the EKOedge is perfectly level. It actually determines your maximum water level. Pound the EKOedge stakes into the ground and secure the EKOedge to the EKOstakes. Lay a protective membrane in the pond and over the edge of the EKOedge. This membrane protects the pond liner from friction and sharp objects in the ground. Then lay the pond liner so that it also comes over the edge of the EKOedge and finish it neatly on the outer edge.

  • EKOedge rolled – 7mm x 140mm x 18m Long
  • EKOedge Stakes- 380mm long

Easy to install

EKOedge is partially buried and secured firmly in the ground using EKOedge stakes. Lay out the EKOedge where the edging will ultimately go. Rolled EKOedge will then unroll itself. Dig a small trench and lay the EKOedge in it. Preferably put a minimum of two-thirds of the EKOedge in the ground. Use a rubber hammer to pound the EKOedge stakes into the ground. The H profile guarantees high stability. The stakes are approx. 3 cm lower than the top of the EKOedge and will not be visible when the installation is complete. Depending on the intended use, install the stakes at least every 50 cm. Secure the EKOedge to the EKOstakes using stainless steel screws (2 per stake). A spirit level is useful in creating a lovely, even result. Fill in the side of the garden border using soil, wood mulch, stones.

Additional information

Product Type

Rolled, Stakes

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