Garden Edge Pro

Create a sophisticated look in your garden with help of our garden edging

Creating custom shapes with Garden edge pro borders in your lawns and pathways couldn’t be easier  It is much quicker and more attractive than any traditional edgings & trims. You can easily use the product to separate the lawns from the zones with plants, trees, aggregates and many more!

The product is perfect for gardens, parks, and even green spaces in urban areas, which means it can be used both by professionals and DIY users.

Installation is quick and easy! It reduces the digging and excavating process, so it drastically reduces the costs of any project saving time and effort on landscaping projects. You can create complex curved shapes by simply snipping the rear supports eliminating the need for different products for straight and more free-flowing areas.


Designed for its low profile and sleek look, Garden Edge Pro is a very flexible solution. You can create any custom shapes like curves, circles, or just simple straight lines in parks, gardens or your company premises. Simply to install, its made from recycled plastic and so cannot rot or degrade over time.

Garden Edge Pro is available in 3 different sizes –  45mm high, 78mm high and 100mm high. All of our lengths are 1m which makes them very lightweight and easy to hande.

Additional information

Product Type

100mm, 45mm, 78mm

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