We offer  a wide range of planters available from our standard 600mm square rimmed planters to larger rectangular street planters. All are supplied with bases, with options of block feet at the base, or even castors for ease of movement. With our adaptable designs we can provide seating options between two planters to suit individual projects. Choose from our range of standard planters with rims or our unique hive hexagonal planters, a great choice for making a statement in your outdoor space.


Our recycled planters/raised beds cannot rot or degrade in any way and as recycled plastic doesn’t leach any chemicals, your planters are the long term permanent solution for any allotment or street scene.

Standard Planter with Rim Hive Hexagonal Planter
600mm x 600mm x 600mm ht. (58kg) 450mm int. x 415mm ht. (36kg)
1000mm x 1000mm x 1000mm ht. (75kg) 450mm int. x 615mm ht. (55kg)
900mm x 900mm x 1250mm ht. (84kg) 450mm int. x 815mm ht. (75kg)
1000mm x 600mm x 750mm ht. (68kg)

Additional information

Product Type

Hive Hexagonal Planter, Standard Planter with Rim


Black, Brown, Grey, Special Order


Fully Fabricated, Semi Assembled


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