EKOply 12.5mm Sheets

The 12.5mm EKOply is manufactured in the same way as our Standard 19mm, however the 12.5mm sheet has a more compact core. The weight of the 12.5mm Standard Plus sheet is 25kg.


The Benefits of EKOply

Recycled and Sustainable Material– Made from 100% recycled plastic, EKOply offers a eco-friendly option for helping to reduce plastic waste and is a renewable solution.

Water Resistant– Not only is EKOply durable it is also water resistant. Making a great choice for marine uses, construction, and many other environments.

Versatile– The perfect choice for any size or shape and in a selection of colour options, EKOply has endlessly versatile options.

EKOply Features

  • Rigid sheet available in 19mm & 12.5mm
  • Available with an anti-slip surface
  • It can be cut/screwed in the same way as traditional timber
  • Significantly longer lasting compared to timber and plywood
  • Rot and weatherproof
  • Tough and durable
  • No maintenance costs
  • Chew resistant and non-toxic to animals

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